Leslie Huckfield is an activist and academic, offering a range of services to support Trade Unions and Not for Profit Organisations.

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Leslie Huckfield is a lecturer and researcher at Glasgow Caledonian University. He is a trade union and third sector activist, known for his work on social enterprise and cooperatives.

He is a Director of SENSCOT (Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland) and of the Sheffield Cooperative Development Group. Throughout 2018 and 2019 he was a member of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP’s Implementation Group for Doubling the Size of the Cooperative Economy.

He has published book chapters and articles in academic journals and reports for trade unions, the Labour and Cooperative Parties. His first book “How Blair Killed the Coops” will shortly appear from Manchester University Press.

He was a Member of the House of Commons from 1967 till 1983 and a Member of the European Parliament from 1984 till 1989. He was Under Secretary of State in the Department of Industry from 1976 till 1979 and a member of the Labour Party National Executive Committee from 1978 till 1982. Since then he has worked on projects and funding for colleges, universities, the third sector and trade unions in Merseyside, the West Midlands and Scotland.

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