Leslie Huckfield is an activist and academic, offering a range of services to support Trade Unions and Not for Profit Organisations. Based on his extensive experience below, he

  • Is a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University. His PhD Thesis focused on the disconnection between Social Enterprise today and its antecedents in Social Enterprises and Worker Cooperatives in the 1970s and 1980s. He was Co Architect of the Meriden Motor Cycle Workers’ Cooperative in 1973 and a member of London Coop Political Committee until 1993.
  • Has been a Director of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network, Scotland (Senscot) since 2005.
  • Has recently completed work on EU Funds for Senscot, Social Firms Scotland, Development Trusts Association Scotland and Scottish Community Alliance – almost 3,000 third sector organisations across Scotland. He held a series of EU Funds Masterclasses and provided a regular update on EU Funding in the Senscot Bulletin.
  • Is an active Unite member in the Edinburgh Not for Profit Branch, many of whose members deliver services under contract to City of Edinburgh Council.
  • Makes regular presentations at Seminars and Conferences for Trade Unions and Not for Profit Organisations in England, Scotland and other EU countries.

Though many posts on this site often project a strong political opinion, Leslie Huckfield seeks to maintain high standards through inclusion of links to sources throughout postings, which support his arguments and conclusions.

Leslie Huckfield asks for your understanding and patience while the following sections and pages in his website are being updated.

Current Projects

2006-2014 Recent Projects

2003 till 2006: European and International Projects

1997 till 2005: Projects in West Midlands

1989 till 1997: Projects in Merseyside and North West

Policy Experience : European Parliament and House of Commons

Current Projects

Working for Senscot, Social Firms Scotland, Development Trusts Association Scotland and Scottish Community Alliance – almost 3,000 third sector organisations across Scotland. This involved a series of EU Funds Masterclasses, regular EU Funds Updates in the Senscot Bulletin, and regular liaison with Scottish Government, Local Authorities and Strategic Intervention Leads delivering Scotland’s ESF, ERDF and Scottish Rural Development Programmes.

2006-2015 Recent Projects

March 2012 till 2015:

  • Support for Unite the Union and UNISON against the formation of Public Service Mutuals which attempt to drive down workers’ wages, terms and conditions
  • National Offender Management Services ESF Submission in North West
  • Development of Social Enterprise and Third Sector Projects in Scotland
  • Project development and funding applications for Stirling Homelessness Partnership – Voluntary and Community Organisations combating UK Government Welfare Reform

January till March 2012: West Midlands Projects: Development of Employer Ownership of Skills Project in Black Country and Development of Teaching Apprenticeship Project for Black Country Partnership for Learning

August to December 2011: West Midlands Projects: Higher Education “Margin” Bid and Project Development for Employer Ownership of Skills

April 2010 till April 2011: Plean Community Development Trust: Various Projects for Funding including Asset Transfer from Stirling Council and Community Trust Action Plan

May till November 2010: Development of Scottish Rural Solutions Project – ERDF funding for 6 HE and FE Institutions across Scotland – Support for Rural SMEs and Third Sector Organisations.

2009 till 2010: ESF ITM, HEFCE ECIF and Working Neighbourhoods Fund ‘Response to Recession’ Projects for Birmingham, Black County and Solihull Lifelong Learning Partnership at University College Birmingham. Additional Skills and Qualifications during Short Time and Redundancy.

2007 till 2009: Development of Plean Community Trust Benefit Package and Other Projects – Plean, Stirling.

2006 till 2007: External Evaluations for Enterprise Scotland and ICONS ESF EQUAL Programmes. Skills Training and Support, Media and Tourism Skills. HE and FE Institutions in two significant EQUAL Projects across Central Scotland. Additional Skills and Enterprise Support in Deprived Areas.

2005 till 2006: Development of Community Benefit Package for Raploch Phoenix Consortium for submission to Raploch Urban Development Company, Stirling.

2004 till 2005: Tourism and Skills Project – South Staffordshire Partnership. Additional Skills for SMEs and Third Sector Organisations.

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2003 till 2006: European and International Projects

2005 till 2006: Developing Project for Advisor Support for President’s Office in Ghana

2005: Developing Skills Training Project for PDVSA – Venezuelan State Oil Company

2004 till 2005: Developing Vocational Training Projects – Polish Chamber of Commerce in Poznan.

2004 till 2005: Developing Regeneration Projects – Municipal Council of Stalowa Wola and Institute of Theology (University of Lublin) Sandomierz, Podkarpackie, Poland.

2004 till 2005: EU Funds – Tender Management Project – British Chamber of Commerce in Riga, Latvia

2004: Completion of Research and Report for Ministry of Finance and BDO, Lithuania on Mazeikiai Power Station Cohesion Fund Submission, following EU Commission meetings in Brussels.

2004: Development of Qualifications Proposal – Lithuanian Labour Market Training Authority.

2003: Research and Report on Market for Vocational Training Qualifications – British Embassy and Council in Latvia and Lithuania

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1997 till 2005: Projects in West Midlands

2003 till 2004: £16mn Regional Project for HE Students for as Member of Advantage West Midlands Regional Development Agency Task Force.

2002 till 2003: £4mn Skills and Training Project for West Midlands NHS Trusts

2002: Development of £20mn West Midlands Regional Enterprise Project for Universities Science Enterprise Challenge Programme

2001 till 2002: £5mn projects – Tamworth College Auto Engineering and College Modernisation ERDF Projects

2001: £4mn Wolverhampton Jobs Project – Wolverhampton College and City Council.

1997 till 2002: Regional External Funding Representative for Association of Colleges in West Midlands

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1997 till 2005: Projects in Merseyside and North West

1995 till 1997: £10mn Projects as Funding Manager for Wirral Metropolitan College

1990 till 2005: Represented Merseyside Colleges on Merseyside Objective One EU Funding Committees

1992 till 1994: Set up Merseyside Colleges’ European Office at Albert Dock, Liverpool

1989 till 1993: £7mn Projects – External Funding Manager at St Helens College, St Helens, Merseyside

Policy Experience : European Parliament and House of Commons

  • Labour Member of European Parliament for Merseyside East Constituency (consisting of Westminster Constituencies in Greater Manchester and Merseyside)
  • Under Secretary of State in Department of Industry under Prime Minister Rt Hon James Callaghan MP, helping to bring Aircraft and Shipbuilding into Public Ownership and administering Regional Policy
  • Opposition Front Bench Industry Spokesperson, including supporting British Leyland and other Shop Stewards’ Combines
  • Member of House of Commons for Nuneaton and Bedworth Constituency, proudly representing Warwickshire miners and Coventry car workers
  • Member of Labour Party National Executive Committee 1976 till 1982 , representing Affiliated Cooperative and Socialist Societies

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