Thoughts from the Social Enterprise Exchange

Well done, Social Enterprise Scotland and CEIS Heartiest congratulations are due to Social Enterprise Scotland and CEIS for their organisation of a highly successful Exchange at the SECC, Glasgow on Thursday 21 March 2013. Not only was the Exchange well-attended but it was less densely populated than last year by London investment bankers and brokers… Read more »

Local Healthwatch – Ode to a Mouse!

Ode to a Mouse Robert Burns had it right when in November 1785 he wrote “To a Mouse: On Turning Up Her Nest with the Plough”. “Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie, O, what a panic’s in thy breastie! Thou need na start awa sae hasty, Wi’ bickering brattle! I wad be laith to rin an’… Read more »

Who will Speak Out against the Financialisation of Social Enterprise?

As a Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland, HUCKFIELD once more declares an interest. Senscot promotes its own definition of Social Enterprise. These are the details of the Voluntary Code of Practice for Social Enterprise in Scotland – the Senscot Code Does Social Finance understand Social Need? by Robbie Davison The wider Social… Read more »

Private Philanthropy is not the Answer to Public Spending Cuts

HUCKFIELD offers sincere apologies that a previous posting with the same title was withdrawn earlier this week on account of technical problems. Though some of these are still being resolved, this narrative and contents represent the updated and final version. As a Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland, HUCKFIELD once more declares an… Read more »

A Requiem for Social Enterprise?

The Importance of a Definition for Social Enterprise (As usual, from the outset, Huckfield declares an interest in all this as a Member of the Board of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland and a firm supporter of Social Enterprise. However, views expressed in this posting are Huckfield’s own.) In seeking to clarify a definition for… Read more »

2013-A Defining Year for Social Enterprise

A Local Healthwatch for each Local Authority – a Major Opportunity for Social Enterprise? Background 2013 will be a year for defining ‘Social Enterprise’, especially in the National Health Service in England. This Background section explains why. (From the outset, Huckfield declares an interest in all this as a Member of the Board of the… Read more »

Who knew Charities’ Letter to HM Treasury was being sent?

Charity Chief Executives write to the Treasury On Friday 19 October 2012, the Chief Executives and Secretaries of several large UK Charities sent a Letter to Sajid Javid MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, which led many of its readers to believe that they had not only signed up to the Coalition Government’s Spending Cuts,… Read more »

Daily Mail reveals Inconvenient Truth in Perth Prison

A Night to Remember Prisoners’ Week Scotland, organised by Prison Chaplains, has organised a commendable series of events throughout this week. But on Wednesday 21 November, few of the 60 of us attending might have anticipated that an evening in Perth Prison would cause the Scottish Daily Mail to reveal its own Inconvenient Truth. As… Read more »

All Together in Barlinnie

Throughout this posting, important pointers for those involved at a local level in delivery of the Community Justice Agenda, including Social Enterprises, Development Trusts and Local Community Organisations, are highlighted in this colour. All these will have increasing roles to play in the Scottish Government’s proposals for Criminal Justice reform. A Day to Remember Huckfield… Read more »

European Funds – Time to Have Your Say

Huckfield offers this posting as a background briefing on the European Union’s proposed Structural Funds Programmes for the period 2014 to 2020, especially for Scotland. This is written alongside increasing Parliamentary pressure – Conservative and Labour – for a reduced European Budget. What Scotland and the UK might receive in EU Structural Funds depends on… Read more »

Now is the time to look for different fundraising sources

To save time, most important Huckfield comments below are highlighted in this colour. Background – Charities and Voluntary Sector will lose £3bn by 2015/2016 As probably the best up to date summary of the effects of public spending cuts on Charities and the Voluntary Sector, NCVO publishes the NCVO UK Civil Society Almanac. The current… Read more »

Killing Social Enterprise Softly – II

BACKGROUND These are fast growing trends in England which take further some of the themes developed in Huckfield’s Killing Social Enterprise Softly briefing posted in March. All of these increasingly portray the delivery of public services as an opportunity for private investment, with dividends and returns from that investment. Taken together, these five main themes… Read more »

Criminal Justice Reforms – One Last Chance for Social Enterprise?

Huckfield apologises for the detailed length of this Briefing and offers a link below to take you straight to the two Current Ministry of Justice Consultation Documents in England, Punishment and Reform: Effective Probation Services and Punishment and Reform: Effective Community Sentences, which are its main topic. To save time most important Huckfield comments are… Read more »

Social Enterprise Exchange – the Future is “Structured Investment Products”

AN ENGLISH AGENDA IN SCOTLAND Scots Ask Questions about Short Term Survival This is a brief reflection on the the Social Enterprise Exchange in Glasgow on Tuesday 27 March which Huckfield attended. During the question times, especially for Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, most of the Scots asked practical questions about how their organisation might… Read more »

Social Impact Bonds – Victorian Values with a Vengeance?

BACKGROUND The recent Huckfield Killing Social Enterprise Softly briefing was pessimistic about the openings available for Social Enterprise and Third Sector organisations in their bidding to deliver public services. This briefing is more pessimistic about the damage to the wider image of the Third Sector and Social Enterprises by the introduction by stealth of Social… Read more »