NCVO – the National Culling of Voluntary Organisations

Leslie Huckfield asks for your understanding and patience while this and other postings on this site are updated and developed. This is happening right now and will be completed soon. Background This posting concerns the incredible behaviour of NCVO – the National Culling of Voluntary Organisations – over the past 30 years, which has contributed… Read more »

Builder Capital – It’s Time to Get Real on Social Investment

Bringing Social Investment Down to Earth In their two hour presentation on The Investible Social Entrepreneur : Introducing Builder Capital (1) at Mazars, near Tower Bridge in London, on Thursday afternoon, July 10 2014, Helen Heap and Robbie Davison brought the whole UK Social Investment community, Cabinet Office included, down to earth. Most significant of… Read more »

Social Enterprise – a mouthpiece for Britain’s New Colonialism

How to Deliver Public Services ‘on the cheap’ – Britain’s Export to the World This piece is mainly intended for readers outside the UK, especially for trade unions, and those now facing outsourcing and external contracting pressures, especially from ‘Social Enterprises’ funded by Social Investment, Social Impact Bonds and private funding. Britain is now the… Read more »

It’s not Paul Myners who’s killing the Coop Idea

History Repeats Itself During the 1970s to 1990s, as social enterprises, most cooperatives and mutuals were registered under Industrial and Provident Society and Industrial Common Ownership rules. Yet between 1998 and 2002, the wider cooperative and mutual movement almost allowed these structures to be swept aside. As shown below, with Public Service Mutuals, this is… Read more »

If you work in a School or College, Beware Social Investment

Since this posting seeks to reach a wider readership, new readers please start here: Huckfield main points and conclusions are in this colour. Links or documents are highlighted in this colour. Huckfield recognises that there is already growing private sector provision in Schools and Colleges but is sad to see a substantial Social Investment in… Read more »

Can Social Finance Meet Social Need? Debate Starting 13 Years Late.

Social Enterprises and Third Sector Organisations should be grateful to Robbie Davison and Helen Heap for their excellent Report Can Social Finance Meet Social Need? Hopefully, this will begin a genuine debate on the relevance of Social Investment which should have begun at least 13 years ago. The Democratic Deficit of Social Investment After his… Read more »

Social Impact Investment Forum (the Complete Irrelevance of)

For starters, just think how many Social Enterprises, Voluntary and Community Organisations might be rescued or saved with the money spent on this irrelevant London Bubble Bankers’ Beano! In times of harsh austerity, Huckfield and many others reckon that the day long free binge for Social Investment Financial Intermediaries on Thursday 06 June was insulting…. Read more »

Hard Pressed Charities don’t need Social Enterprise Hooray Henries

Eric Pickles’ Mechanism for Passing the Buck As Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, Eric Pickles has been long enough in politics to know that his agreement last week with the Chancellor on further cuts to his Departmental Budget for 2015-2016 is the easiest part. Deciding how further cuts will fall on and… Read more »

No Standing Ovation for Big Society Capital’s First Annual Report

Huckfield offers these comments on Big Society Capital’s First Annual Report , which finally appeared on Friday 10 May 2013. In a previous posting on this site, Big Society Capital’s £600mn – An Alternative Strategy for Supporting Social Enterprises , has already been suggested. Thirteen Years to Spend £5mn These are highlights from a chronology… Read more »

We will say this only once: “You will become a Mutual”

Background and Outline Huckfield writes this as a strong supporter of Social Enterprise, Cooperatives and Third Sector Organisations, wherever these emerge through genuine democracy and where governing bodies and employees were all part of a democratic decision taking process. In its desperate haste to reduce the extent and size of the public sector before the… Read more »

Why Craig Dearden Phillips is wrong on Trade Unions and Social Enterprise

Defending Public Services Craig’s site claims that he’s “one of the UK’s best known social entrepreneurs”. But his posting True Enemies – or Necessary Allies? Unions and Social Enterprise on Saturday 20 April 2013 shows that he doesn’t know much about trade unions. Much of his piece seems based on Care Plus in North East… Read more »

Social Investment – Scotland does it without the Hype

Social Investment in Govanhill, Glasgow without the Hype During April 2013, there have been two significant and high powered Social Enterprise events: Skoll Foundation’s Oxford Jam and 10th Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship April 10-12 2013 “What is the Future of the Third Sector?” The National Conference of the Third Sector Research Centre in… Read more »

Private Philanthropy is not the Answer to Public Spending Cuts

HUCKFIELD offers sincere apologies that a previous posting with the same title was withdrawn earlier this week on account of technical problems. Though some of these are still being resolved, this narrative and contents represent the updated and final version. As a Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland, HUCKFIELD once more declares an… Read more »

Killing Social Enterprise Softly – II

BACKGROUND These are fast growing trends in England which take further some of the themes developed in Huckfield’s Killing Social Enterprise Softly briefing posted in March. All of these increasingly portray the delivery of public services as an opportunity for private investment, with dividends and returns from that investment. Taken together, these five main themes… Read more »

Black Country Partnership for Learning Spring Conference at the Hawthorns Conference Centre, West Bromwich on Friday 25 May 2012

Huckfield would like to emphasise that this is not an ‘opinion posting’ but is offered as a comprehensive record of the Black Country Partnership for Learning Spring Conference on Friday 25 May 2012. It is based on notes taken throughout the Conference and on speakers’ presentations. KEITH BATE, PRINCIPAL OF HALESOWEN COLLEGE Introduction In his… Read more »