Griggs’ Governance Report Deserves a Context

BACKGROUND Professor Russel Griggs’ “Report of the Review of Further Education Governance in Scotland” submitted to Scottish Ministers on Friday 20 January 2012 contains some pretty strong stuff. Professor Griggs’ team has delivered a comprehensive report on governance, in which structures for new regional further education boards are laid out in immaculate detail. But they lack… Read more »

Employer Ownership of Skills

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills launched its bidding Prospectus for Employer Ownership of Skills on Tuesday 07 February 2012. Previous Huckfield briefings on Employer Ownership Pilots have appeared here since Wednesday 07 December 2011. The Bidding Timetable and details of Briefing Sessions are shown below. Though Employer Ownership Pilots apply only in England,… Read more »

Funding for Scotland’s Colleges

Sincere apologies for the length of this Huckfield briefing. The following detailed sections seek to provide information for Scotland’s Further Education Colleges and others along similar lines to that previously provided in Huckfield briefings for Further Education and Higher Education in England. Many of Scotland’s Colleges will be familiar with funding initiatives listed. No claim… Read more »

What’s Happening to School Funding?

Because this is a long piece, please click on the following headers to go straight to these sections: INTRODUCTION Introduction, context and background to this posting. School funding reform takes place against a background of spending cuts and policies to spread Academies and Free Schools. EDUCATION SPENDING – CUTS IN REAL TERMS An analysis, including… Read more »

The Government’s Regional Policy is called Localism

This piece is not about the politics. It’s about funding.  It’s main message is that Localism is the new Regionalism. Especially, this piece – with apologies for its unenviable length – seeks to summarise the deluge of  Local Government funding initiatives and consultations which appeared immediately prior to Christmas. Regional Policy by Eland House and… Read more »

Who Speaks for the West Midlands?

This post makes three main points: Compared with the North and other regions no one is putting the Case for the West Midlands In a brand new policy environment, there is “no going back” to previous structures and policies. The West Midlands needs to adapt to new funding structures The West Midlands needs a coherent… Read more »

“New Challenges, New Chances”: No Central Bank for Colleges’ Sovereign Debts.

Last week, most focus on was the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. This week it has been on the Prime Minister’s difficulties with his Party and with the proposed Merkozy Amendments to the Lisbon Treaty. So it’s probably understandable that the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills’ publication of two more chapters in its “New Challenges. New… Read more »

Launch of Employer Ownership Pilots on Tuesday 13 December 2011

As featured before in Important Grant News, Prime Minister David Cameron and Vince Cable first mentioned the Employer Ownership Pilots initiative on Thursday 17 November 2011. Vince Cable said then: “We have to fundamentally alter the relationship between employers and the state – giving employers the space and opportunity for greater ownership of the vocational… Read more »

Education Funding after George Osborne’s Autumn Statement

With the Euro struggling to survive, George Osborne’s Autumn Statement on Tuesday 29 November 2011 was probably optimistic. But hidden among the severe warnings from the Office of Budget Responsibility, it contained nearly two dozen pointers for those who follow Education Funding. This piece summarises the main ones. This was also the week when Department… Read more »