Voting No next Thursday and Labour next May is not the answer

Background and Introduction With less than a week before the Referendum Vote in Scotland, this is a detailed personal posting about voting Yes. I’m sorry it’s lengthy. Though the Vote on Thursday 18 September is a Vote for Scotland rather than any political party, this is mainly written for those who normally support Labour. I… Read more »

Builder Capital – It’s Time to Get Real on Social Investment

Bringing Social Investment Down to Earth In their two hour presentation on The Investible Social Entrepreneur : Introducing Builder Capital (1) at Mazars, near Tower Bridge in London, on Thursday afternoon, July 10 2014, Helen Heap and Robbie Davison brought the whole UK Social Investment community, Cabinet Office included, down to earth. Most significant of… Read more »

Social Enterprise – a mouthpiece for Britain’s New Colonialism

How to Deliver Public Services ‘on the cheap’ – Britain’s Export to the World This piece is mainly intended for readers outside the UK, especially for trade unions, and those now facing outsourcing and external contracting pressures, especially from ‘Social Enterprises’ funded by Social Investment, Social Impact Bonds and private funding. Britain is now the… Read more »

Can Social Finance Meet Social Need? Debate Starting 13 Years Late.

Social Enterprises and Third Sector Organisations should be grateful to Robbie Davison and Helen Heap for their excellent Report Can Social Finance Meet Social Need? Hopefully, this will begin a genuine debate on the relevance of Social Investment which should have begun at least 13 years ago. The Democratic Deficit of Social Investment After his… Read more »

Private Philanthropy is not the Answer to Public Spending Cuts

HUCKFIELD offers sincere apologies that a previous posting with the same title was withdrawn earlier this week on account of technical problems. Though some of these are still being resolved, this narrative and contents represent the updated and final version. As a Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland, HUCKFIELD once more declares an… Read more »

A Requiem for Social Enterprise?

The Importance of a Definition for Social Enterprise (As usual, from the outset, Huckfield declares an interest in all this as a Member of the Board of the Social Entrepreneurs’ Network Scotland and a firm supporter of Social Enterprise. However, views expressed in this posting are Huckfield’s own.) In seeking to clarify a definition for… Read more »

2013-A Defining Year for Social Enterprise

A Local Healthwatch for each Local Authority – a Major Opportunity for Social Enterprise? Background 2013 will be a year for defining ‘Social Enterprise’, especially in the National Health Service in England. This Background section explains why. (From the outset, Huckfield declares an interest in all this as a Member of the Board of the… Read more »

European Funds – Time to Have Your Say

Huckfield offers this posting as a background briefing on the European Union’s proposed Structural Funds Programmes for the period 2014 to 2020, especially for Scotland. This is written alongside increasing Parliamentary pressure – Conservative and Labour – for a reduced European Budget. What Scotland and the UK might receive in EU Structural Funds depends on… Read more »

Black Country Partnership for Learning Spring Conference at the Hawthorns Conference Centre, West Bromwich on Friday 25 May 2012

Huckfield would like to emphasise that this is not an ‘opinion posting’ but is offered as a comprehensive record of the Black Country Partnership for Learning Spring Conference on Friday 25 May 2012. It is based on notes taken throughout the Conference and on speakers’ presentations. KEITH BATE, PRINCIPAL OF HALESOWEN COLLEGE Introduction In his… Read more »

FE Professionalism – You couldn’t make it up if you tried!

TEN WASTED YEARS OFSTED 2003 Report and the 2007 Regulations. Huckfield has an active background around Further Education (FE) and has always raised concerns about limited external understanding of the FE Sector. This Huckfield briefing laments 10 wasted years of trying to improve professional standards in Further Education in England. Even OFSTED, whose Initial Training… Read more »

Social Enterprise Exchange – the Future is “Structured Investment Products”

AN ENGLISH AGENDA IN SCOTLAND Scots Ask Questions about Short Term Survival This is a brief reflection on the the Social Enterprise Exchange in Glasgow on Tuesday 27 March which Huckfield attended. During the question times, especially for Alex Salmond, Scotland’s First Minister, most of the Scots asked practical questions about how their organisation might… Read more »

Social Impact Bonds – Victorian Values with a Vengeance?

BACKGROUND The recent Huckfield Killing Social Enterprise Softly briefing was pessimistic about the openings available for Social Enterprise and Third Sector organisations in their bidding to deliver public services. This briefing is more pessimistic about the damage to the wider image of the Third Sector and Social Enterprises by the introduction by stealth of Social… Read more »

A Ray of Hope for Social Enterprise

BACKGROUND The Huckfield Killing Social Enterprise Softly briefing last week was pessimistic about the openings available for Social Enterprise and Third Sector organisations in their bidding to deliver public services. The Work Programme is the Government’s preferred delivery model. With a few large contracts and major providers taking the risk it’s easy to administer. Social… Read more »

Killing Social Enterprise Softly

BACKGROUND This is a long and detailed Huckfield briefing about what is happening in Social Enterprise and the Third Sector. It might even be called ‘the Strange Death of Social Enterprise’. In summary, it shows that national London-based Third Sector Organisations are gradually undermining the basis of Social Enterprise. This briefing – with apologies for… Read more »

Filling the Infrastructure Funding Gap

BACKGROUND With ongoing reductions in public expenditure for infrastructure funding, this Huckfield briefing gives a summary of funding available in Scotland for further development of infrastructure projects. It does not seek to be exhaustive but to shed light on some sources with which all readers may not be familiar. The following headings take you straight… Read more »