If you work in a School or College, Beware Social Investment

Since this posting seeks to reach a wider readership, new readers please start here: Huckfield main points and conclusions are in this colour. Links or documents are highlighted in this colour. Huckfield recognises that there is already growing private sector provision in Schools and Colleges but is sad to see a substantial Social Investment in… Read more »

What’s Happening to School Funding?

Because this is a long piece, please click on the following headers to go straight to these sections: INTRODUCTION Introduction, context and background to this posting. School funding reform takes place against a background of spending cuts and policies to spread Academies and Free Schools. EDUCATION SPENDING – CUTS IN REAL TERMS An analysis, including… Read more »

Free Schools and Academies Here to Stay

Free Schools and Academies continue to grow rapidly.  Some critics and opponents are perhaps missing the point. They have pointed out that those submitting initial Expressions of Interest are taking time to turn into actual Free Schools. But they may have missed the huge numbers in the pipeline. And there are roughly four new Academies… Read more »