Daily Mail reveals Inconvenient Truth in Perth Prison

A Night to Remember Prisoners’ Week Scotland, organised by Prison Chaplains, has organised a commendable series of events throughout this week. But on Wednesday 21 November, few of the 60 of us attending might have anticipated that an evening in Perth Prison would cause the Scottish Daily Mail to reveal its own Inconvenient Truth. As… Read more »

All Together in Barlinnie

Throughout this posting, important pointers for those involved at a local level in delivery of the Community Justice Agenda, including Social Enterprises, Development Trusts and Local Community Organisations, are highlighted in this colour. All these will have increasing roles to play in the Scottish Government’s proposals for Criminal Justice reform. A Day to Remember Huckfield… Read more »

Criminal Justice Reforms – One Last Chance for Social Enterprise?

Huckfield apologises for the detailed length of this Briefing and offers a link below to take you straight to the two Current Ministry of Justice Consultation Documents in England, Punishment and Reform: Effective Probation Services and Punishment and Reform: Effective Community Sentences, which are its main topic. To save time most important Huckfield comments are… Read more »