NCVO – the National Culling of Voluntary Organisations

Leslie Huckfield asks for your understanding and patience while this and other postings on this site are updated and developed. This is happening right now and will be completed soon. Background This posting concerns the incredible behaviour of NCVO – the National Culling of Voluntary Organisations – over the past 30 years, which has contributed… Read more »

2015 – a Year for Killing Social Enterprise, Coops and Mutuals

Alternative Commission on Social Investment – Wednesday 14 January 2015 Social Enterprise Question Time: “Social Investment: Friend or Foe?” Huckfield is very pleased to be asked by the National Coalition for Independent Action to appear as a member of the panel at David Floyd’s Alternative Commission on Social Investment (1) at the School for Social… Read more »

Voting No next Thursday and Labour next May is not the answer

Background and Introduction With less than a week before the Referendum Vote in Scotland, this is a detailed personal posting about voting Yes. I’m sorry it’s lengthy. Though the Vote on Thursday 18 September is a Vote for Scotland rather than any political party, this is mainly written for those who normally support Labour. I… Read more »

Builder Capital – It’s Time to Get Real on Social Investment

Bringing Social Investment Down to Earth In their two hour presentation on The Investible Social Entrepreneur : Introducing Builder Capital (1) at Mazars, near Tower Bridge in London, on Thursday afternoon, July 10 2014, Helen Heap and Robbie Davison brought the whole UK Social Investment community, Cabinet Office included, down to earth. Most significant of… Read more »

Social Enterprise – a mouthpiece for Britain’s New Colonialism

How to Deliver Public Services ‘on the cheap’ – Britain’s Export to the World This piece is mainly intended for readers outside the UK, especially for trade unions, and those now facing outsourcing and external contracting pressures, especially from ‘Social Enterprises’ funded by Social Investment, Social Impact Bonds and private funding. Britain is now the… Read more »