Voting No next Thursday and Labour next May is not the answer

Background and Introduction With less than a week before the Referendum Vote in Scotland, this is a detailed personal posting about voting Yes. I’m sorry it’s lengthy. Though the Vote on Thursday 18 September is a Vote for Scotland rather than any political party, this is mainly written for those who normally support Labour. I… Read more »

Builder Capital – It’s Time to Get Real on Social Investment

Bringing Social Investment Down to Earth In their two hour presentation on The Investible Social Entrepreneur : Introducing Builder Capital (1) at Mazars, near Tower Bridge in London, on Thursday afternoon, July 10 2014, Helen Heap and Robbie Davison brought the whole UK Social Investment community, Cabinet Office included, down to earth. Most significant of… Read more »

Social Enterprise – a mouthpiece for Britain’s New Colonialism

How to Deliver Public Services ‘on the cheap’ – Britain’s Export to the World This piece is mainly intended for readers outside the UK, especially for trade unions, and those now facing outsourcing and external contracting pressures, especially from ‘Social Enterprises’ funded by Social Investment, Social Impact Bonds and private funding. Britain is now the… Read more »

We can’t leave Coops and Mutuals to the Coop

Background Huckfield attended the Coops Way Forward 2 Conference in Manchester on Friday 16 May. On Saturday 17 May a Cooperative Group Special General Meeting supported the direction of Paul Myners’ very detailed and well researched The Cooperative Group : Report of the Independent Governance Review (1), published on Wednesday 07 May 2014. At times… Read more »

It’s not Paul Myners who’s killing the Coop Idea

History Repeats Itself During the 1970s to 1990s, as social enterprises, most cooperatives and mutuals were registered under Industrial and Provident Society and Industrial Common Ownership rules. Yet between 1998 and 2002, the wider cooperative and mutual movement almost allowed these structures to be swept aside. As shown below, with Public Service Mutuals, this is… Read more »